In the chart below please insert your name and the link for the eBook you created showcasing information about your practicum experience. You will also find the assignment sheet for this project as well as the due date. Note: You must be finished and ready to share the book with your mentor and practicum classroom by April 28. At this point, unless you want to purchase a hard copy of the book yourself, you will share the book via a direct link to the online version.

Assignment Sheet

E-Book Rubric

Due Date

April 28



Example 1: Renee Van Druff

Example 2: Wendy Picarella
Amanda Malott
Mrs. Hardy's Happy Class
Jillian McGill
Mrs. Harper's Blooming Butterflies
Sabrina Pelfrey
Gates McCarty

Kerri Smith
Kelly Carroll
This Schoolhouse Rocks!
Chrissy Thomas
Amber Mckillip