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Due Date

Assignment Checklist

Note: The checklist doesn't reflect due dates for the Flipped Classroom or Lesson Plan as this will vary. Be sure that you check the dates below also to ensure that I didn't inadverantly miss an assignment and/or date.
Flipped Classroom

Various, depending on topic/group. See Flipped Classroom wiki page for exact dates.
Multi-genre E-Book Autobiography

eBook Platform (use Bookemon)
Due: 2/16/17

eBook Autobiography Examples:

Lesson Plan
Context for Learning Rubric

Lesson Plan Template

Due Date: Lesson Plan will be due during practicum. It is to submitted to Dr. Comer prior to your formal observation. Note: Regardless of who conducts the formal observation (Martin or Comer), the lesson plan is to be emailed to Dr. Comer and shared with the professor conducting the observation.
YAL Novel Project
Book Trailer Rubric/Assignment Sheet

Due: 4/13/17

Book Trailer Example (Links)

Book Trailers for Readers (wiki)

Book Trailer Blog
Quizzes (four total)
Quiz 1: Syllabus Quiz
Quiz 2: Phonics Quick Test
Quiz 3: Phonics Revisited
Quiz 4: Cumulative Quiz

Quiz 1: Completed before class on 1/23/2017 (open-notes, use the READ 3311 syllabus)
Quiz 2: Phonics Test on 2/27/2017 (no open-notes)
Quiz 3: Phonics Quick Test on 3/23/17 (no open notes)
Quiz 4: Cumulative Quiz on 4/27/17 (no open notes; see study guide)

Participation Activities


Activity Description

Due Date

Note: Some of the Participation Activities will be graded formally while others will be on a pass/fail basis. Many of them will be completed during class.

Open-mind Portrait
Create an open-mind portrait based on a character from the Sarah, Plain and Tall novel. Use text and illustrations to support your interpretation of the character you select. Template and example provided in class. We will read the novel in class as a read-aloud activity. This is for a formal grade.
Click Open Mind Portrait for directions and rubric.
Character Silhouette
Explore and analyze character development through the creation of a character silhouette. Identify key character traits and concerns, using descriptors and book/story passages to support these. Be sure that you look at things the character says or does as well as things that are said about the character. See for more information. Completed in class as a cooperative group activity.
Vocabulary Comic
Using the vocabulary listed on the handout for The Hundred Dresses, create a comic using as many of the vocabulary words as possible. Access Make Beliefs Comix at to complete the activity. Post link to your comix on the Vocabulary Comic for 100 Dresses page on course wiki.
Running Record Stixy
Create an online message board that describes a running record. Be sure that you highlight how it is/can be used in a reading diagnostic assessment. Post your link to the message board you create on the Running Record Stixy Links page on course wiki. This is for a formal grade.
Literacy Widgit
Locate a Web 2.0 tool that is excellent to use in literacy-related pedagogy and/or methodology. Post the link and/or embed along
with a description of an idea for use in a classroom setting, as well as your name, to the Literacy Widgets wiki page. Note: in addition to the link and description you may prepare an actual example for extra credit.
Literature Circles Activity
Take part in a literature circle group. Read the assigned children's literature book and assume one of the literature circle roles discussed in class. After reading, with your cooperative group, create a culminating strategy example showcasing your understanding of the book. Share in class. Completed in class as a cooperative group activity.